USAC Northeast Ford Focus Series

USAC has announced that three tracks have signed up to host a total of about 10 races in the 2005 USAC Northeast Ford Focus Series. The tracks are Seekonk Speedway in Massachusetts, Adirondack Speedway and Oswego Speedway in New York State. Of the three, the only one I haven’t been to is Seekonk. I guess I’ll be going next year though. Adirondack should be a good track for them and I’ll probably head up for one of their shows as it is near my friend Rob’s parents house (free place to stay!). Oswego may be a little big, but could still prove to be a good track for them.

I’m a little disappointed that no dirt tracks are on the schedule and no tracks a little closer by are listed but if the series catches on I’m sure we’ll see more events.

“New” USAC Silver Crown Car testing

I just read on the USAC website that “Initial testing results positive for new USAC Silver Crown Car.”

I was wondering how this was going along as they’ve been really quiet about it. I still don’t know if I like the idea of the Silver Crown cars going to the 1.5 mile tracks — esp. since it needs a different car. However, I can see why USAC would want to do it and, as a fan, I’m willing to give it a chance.

Erin Crocker wins World of Outlaw First

I read today that Erin Crocker became the first female to win a World of Outlaw race. Good for her! Erin and Mike Woodring deserve it. I am happy that the first full year with the Outlaws has resulted in a win for her. And looking at the race summary, she had to earn as she started 6’th on the A and on lap 21 (of 25) she “passed Paul McMahan for 3rd (sic) low in 1&2, then took the lead from Jac Haudenschild in traffic exiting turn 4.”

Way to go girl!

Electoral Vote Predictior

I’ve been spending way too much time looking at Electoral College Pole sites the last few days. Anyway, I seem to like this one the best:

Click for

I’m not sure if it is any more accurate then the others, but I like the way the information is presented. I guess that is the librarian in me. Just the facts please.

The Philadelphia Inquirer must be reading this blog (even if no one else is)

I just read an article on the Philadelphia Inquirer on the topic of an Electoral College tie. Hmmm…. where have I read that before? BTW: The author didn’t mention Maine, which more and more is looking like it may split its 4 votes – with 3 going to Kerry and 1 going to Bush.

Electoral College Calculator

I was just “playing” with an online Electoral College Calculator. I filled in the states based on what I’ve heard in the poles. Of course, I’m just going by what I saw on TV or heard on the radio, so what I filled out probably is not very accurate – however the result was interesting. If my scenario rings true, we’ll have a tie!*

* Of course this tie doesn’t reflect electoral college voters who may not vote for who they were elected to vote for. Also it doesn’t take into account that two states (Maine and Nebraska) don’t award the their electoral votes on a state-wide basis so they may not all go to the same candidate. Also, it doesn’t take into account any changes in how votes are awarded in Colorado.


I didn’t make it to any races in person this weekend. However, I did watch the NASCAR Nextel race at Marrtinsville. Despite tons of cautions I enjoyed the race. I bet Penske wasn’t please with Newman and Rusty running into each other at the end of the race. I’ve been to Martinsville to see the fall race a few times and it is a good track to see a NASCAR Nextel race. I just wish the modifieds still ran there.

P.S. My prayers are with the people (and their familes) that were in the Hendrick airplane that is missing.

Mahoning Valley

On Sunday I took a trip with my Dad and Walt to Mahoning Valley Speedway for their Fall Classic Weekend. We mostly went to see the wingless TQ midgets, however also on the schedule were 4 cyl stocks, factory stocks, street stocks, late models, D/A modifieds, RoC modifieds, and a 4 cyl Enduro. Some of Saturday’s events got rained out so we had extra racing on tap. Read the rest of this entry »

Billy Pauch Sr. in the hospital

I just read on the South Jersey Dirt Racing Message Board that according to Nick Lombardi (and others) “Billy Pauch Sr was severely burned this morning in his shop while attempting to light his stove. A flash fire occurred in which both arms & legs have at least 2nd degree burns. He is now in The Saint Barnabus Burn Center in Livingston in stable condition. The treatments for these types of burns are excruciating & painful.”

Having known people who have been severely burned, Nick is not kidding about these types of burns being excruciating. I will keep him in my prayers and hope you all do to. If (when?) I get an address for get well cards I’ll let you know.

New Egypt Speedway

I went to New Egypt Speedway last night for their “Rung What U Brung” race. I always like these races with cars having all sorts of wings, sail panels, and billboards all over the cars. The race started about 20-25 minutes after the scheduled starting time and we had a long break for rain so we ended up getting out of there about 10 PM. A long night, but nothing the track could do about it. Read the rest of this entry »

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