Clinton County Speedway

On Sunday, my dad, Walt, and I took a ride out to Clinton County Speedway outside of Lock Haven PA for a day time winged sprint car show. Also on the agenda were street stocks (they called them pro stocks) and a 4 cyl enduro. This was my first trip to the 1/3 mile dirt track. We left Walt’s house about 7:20 and made great time as we pulled into the track just after 10:30. It is amazing the time you can make on the Interstates when you have no traffic.

When we arrived at the track they were serving breakfast. For 3 bucks I got a sausage, egg & cheese sandwich on an English muffin and a good cup of coffee. and then just before hot laps I decide to get some more food and had a BBQ Sandwich (which I’d call a Sloppy Joe), a big order of fries, a 20 oz. soda and a dill pickle for under five dollars. The food was good, tasty, and inexpensive. They also had a long line. I think some tracks can learn from this. Provide good food at a reasonable price and people will buy more, and you’ll make more money!

The races were ran well (unlike last weekend at Mountain) and they didn’t have any long unnecessary breaks. The street stock feature didn’t have a lot of cars but beside s the 31 and 8 cars spinning around and hitting things, it wasn’t a bad race. The sprint car race was a typical daytime show with very little passing but still enjoyable. Fast Freddie Rahmer started 4’th and took the lead pretty quickly from pole sitter Lucus Wolfe (who despite being a teen-ager is sponsored by the “Beer Hill Gang”). Rahmer led until about 5 laps to go when he got a flat. That gave the lead back to Lucus who went on to get the win. Lucky for Lucus the race wasn’t longer then 30 laps as he had a flat tire when he pulled into victory lane. We left after the sprint car feature for the ride home and skipped the 4 cyl main.

On the way home we stopped at the Landside(?) Bar and Grill on Rt 173 just east of Exit 7 on 78 in NJ. By this time I had a bad headache so I only got soup, but it was the best beef barley soup I had in a real long time and both my dad and Walt like their dinners, so I plan on going back sometime.

BTW: Caught the end of the Nextel race on the radio, glad to hear Nemecheck get the win, however I would have been just as happy had Rudd won.