New Egypt Speedway

I went to New Egypt Speedway last night for their “Rung What U Brung” race. I always like these races with cars having all sorts of wings, sail panels, and billboards all over the cars. The race started about 20-25 minutes after the scheduled starting time and we had a long break for rain so we ended up getting out of there about 10 PM. A long night, but nothing the track could do about it.

Anyway, the modified race was shaping up to be a great battle between Billy Pauch with a huge sprint car wing on his own #1 modified and Darren McCaughey in the #28 who had a huge plexiglass billboard the length of his car. They started the feature heads up from qualifying, so they both started up front, however they were quickly slicing through lapped traffic like a hot knife through butter. However, then it happened. A lapped car spun out in front of McCaughey and Pauch and collected them both given the lead to the winged modified #51m of Donny Radd. McCauaughey was done for the night, but Pauch was able to continue in about 6’th or 7’th place as the lat car on the lead lap. It took Pauch a number of laps to get by Keith Hoffman, but once he did he quickly made it up to second. However Donny Radd was long gone and took the will. Way to go Donny! Off to Mahoning Valley today to see some wingless TQ midgets.