Mahoning Valley

On Sunday I took a trip with my Dad and Walt to Mahoning Valley Speedway for their Fall Classic Weekend. We mostly went to see the wingless TQ midgets, however also on the schedule were 4 cyl stocks, factory stocks, street stocks, late models, D/A modifieds, RoC modifieds, and a 4 cyl Enduro. Some of Saturday’s events got rained out so we had extra racing on tap.

I only get to Mahoning about once a year, but I really should go more. Every time I go there I see some of the best short track pavement racing that I’ve seen anywhere. Despite being about a 1/4 mile oval, their is a lot of passing. For example, in the 50 lap TQ midgets Dave Adams started second to last, and he took the lead with about 20 laps to go (however he ended up getting into a lapped car and hitting the wall hard). Also, the #28 modified started towards the back of the field and drove all the way up to 4’th place. He probably would have made it even higher in the final standings, but while riding the outside groove he got loose once going into turn 1 and lost about 7 spots.

The highlight of the day though came off the track. A 20-something year old “lady” was apparently rooting for a factory stock driver that wasn’t the point leader. The point leader got into a crash and went into the pits. It looked like he would loose the points lead. On the restart, however, the point leaders teammate brushed the wall – thus the caution came back out before a lap was complete. The lady started screaming, cursing, and jestering in such was that she would have lost about 2500 points instead of the 25 Earnhardt Jr. did if she was a NASCAR driver. Then things got worse for her, on the next restart, the team mate of the point leader spun out. Coincidence? Well, most people didn’t think so, especially the lady rooting for the other driver. She ran up to the scoring tower and started really going nuts and using every FCC banned word in the book and many more. Then to make her day even worse, the point leader made it back out and was able to win the championship. Oh well, she wasn’t a happy camper, but I enjoyed watching her shenanigans.