Changing Mazda 6 head lights and fog lights

As I wrote once before, the official way to change the headlights on a 2003 Mazda 6 is to take off the front bumper. However, with skinny hands and some patience, you can get it done without going to such extreme measures. Recently, a low beam headlight on the passenger’s side and a fog light on the driver’s side went out. Having already changed the headlight once, it was pretty easy to do (you just need to move the radiator overflow tank out of the way). The fog lights, however were more confusing. However, thanks to a few Web sites, it wasn’t that bad. You still need some patience, but it can be done. The sites I looked at for hints were:

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  1. Ally Wahlberg said,

    June 15, 2007 at 23:06:22

    I agree with some practice and a lot of patience getting a headlight out of 03 Mazda 6 is as easy as installing and removing Mazda accessories.. I can say this I had only done this twice and I know that the next time I’m gonna do it is getting easier and easier… However, it is an another story when it comes to fog light removal.. Those link that you gave helped me a lot.. Thanks!!!