Code4Lib Journal goes live

As one of the editorial committee members, I am happy to report that the Code4Lib Journal Web site has gone live and we are actively seeking submissions. If you are a computer programmer/hacker in the library world, please consider submitting an article. Here is the full call for submissions:

The Code4Lib Journal (C4LJ) will provide a forum to foster community and share information among those interested in the intersection of libraries, technology, and the future.

Submissions are currently being accepted for the first issue of this promising new journal. Please submit articles, abstracts, or proposals for articles to (a private list read only by C4LJ editors) by Friday, August 31, 2007. Publication of the first issue is planned for late December 2007.

Possible topics for articles include, but are not limited to:

* Practical applications of library technology. Both actual and
hypothetical applications invited.
* Technology projects (failed, successful, proposed, or
in-progress), how they were done, and challenges faced
* Case studies
* Best practices
* Reviews
* Comparisons of third party software or libraries
* Analyses of library metadata for use with technology
* Project management and communication within the library environment
* Assessment and user studies

Above all, C4LJ encourages creativity and flexibility, and the editors welcome submissions across a broad variety of topics. Anything that supports the mission of C4LJ is welcome.

The goal of the journal is to promote professional communication by minimizing the barriers to publication. While articles in the journal should be of a high quality, they need not follow any formal structure or guidelines. Writers should aim for the middle ground between, on the one hand, blog or mailing-list posts, and, on the other hand, articles in traditional journals. We want publishing in the journal to be easy and painless, helping the community to share timely, relevant information that is currently shared all too rarely.

Articles need not include comprehensive literature reviews and bibliographies, although pointing the reader to useful work that has gone before can certainly be helpful. Authors are encouraged to include code samples, algorithms, and pseudo-code where appropriate.

The Journal will be electronic only, and at least initially, edited rather than refereed.

Please contact us with proposals or queries, as well as draft articles, at (a private list read only by C4LJ editors) no later than Friday, August 31, 2007. Earlier contact is appreciated.

For more information, you can find information on our mission, processes and structures, and guidelines for authors at:

We look forward to hearing from interested people,

Code4Lib Journal Editorial Committee

Carol Bean
Jonathan Brinley
Edward Corrado
Tom Keays
Emily Lynema
Eric Lease Morgan
Ron Peterson
Jonathan Rochkind
Jodi Schneider
Dan Scott
Ken Varnum