Beech Ridge Speedway, Maine, 29 July 2007

On Sunday afternoon, July 29, 2007, I went to Beech Ridge Speedway in Maine for NEMA winged midget race. Although I’d rather see a non-winged midget race on dirt, the NEMA midges put on a good show with their winged cars on the Beech Ridge pavement. The track was pretty much a circle as far as he groove went so the cars went awful fast around the track. The officials also did a great job starting on time and keeping the races going. Joey Payne put on a good show moving through the field but once he got to third he didn’t have anything for the two rookies in front of him. Jeremy Frankoski took the win, followed by Aaron Wall. Some of the top names in NEMA were no shows as many of their drivers also run supermodifieds with ISMA who had a big race out in Ohio. The NEMA race was part of what they called the four cylinder nationals that involved hobby stock type cars and 4 cyl. modifieds. I hope that Beech Ridge does this race again, but hopefully on an ISMA off weekend. Anyway, another state down! Maybe I will make my goal of seeing races in all 50 states before I’m 40 a year or two early!

2007 stats after my first race every in Maine:

Races: 24
Tracks: 17 (12 new) (162 lifetime)
States: 15 (8 new) (43 lifetime)