Friday night at the Chili Bowl (12 Jan 2008)

Due to a family medical emergency involving a person close to the person I was supposed to travel to the Chili Bowl I almost canceled my trip to Tulsa for this year’s race. Actually, I did, but I then decided to see if I could find any last minute airfare packages at a reasonable rate to make it out to the last two nights. Once I did, I decided to go out for Friday and Saturday night on a solo Chili run. As always, the racing was great. However, on Friday the heats weren’t up to normal Chili Bowl standards, but the main event made up with that with Dave Darland coming from 14’th to 2nd. Damion Gardner took the final qualifying night. Third was Gardner’s car owner, Jason Leffler. Local (to NJ/PA) drivers didn’t have as much luck. Andy Martin was running good, but spun out. Same with Steve Bulkwalter who ended up doing the best of the back-east contingent coming home in 10th in the A-main on Friday night, earning himself a starting spot in one of Saturday’s B-mains.

2008 stats after Friday night at the Chili Bowl:

Races: 1
Tracks: 1
States: 1