Defining relevancy : managing the new academic library

I just received a copy of “Defining relevancy : managing the new academic library.” I am excited about this book because I wrote the second chapter – my first book chapter. Since it just showed up about 45 minutes ago, I obviously didn’t get to read the book yet but it looks nice and covers a wide range of topics by many authors of different backgrounds. I can’t wait until I get a chance to read it.. My chapter is on “Social Software, Web 2.0, and Libraries.” While I am excited to see my name in print, I am also a little saddened since I am reminded of our friend John Iliff who passed away on May 6, 2006. John, who was always passionate about new technologies in libraries, and was originally supposed to write the chapter I wrote. John, you are surely missed.

Here is the citation for my chapter:

Corrado, Edward M. (2008). Social Software, Web 2.0, and Libraries. In Hurlbert, J. M. (Ed.), Defining relevancy managing the new academic library (pp 16-31). Westport, Conn: Libraries Unlimited.