To Tweet or not to tweet

I signed up for a Twitter account a while back, and until today made exactly one entry into it (I made two today). I guess I’m not sure how Twitter would be useful for me. There are a couple of reasons why I decided to log into my account today and start trying to use it in order to determine if it will be useful. The first is that during the recent Code4Lib conference a few people where using it to see if they could meet up with other people. I think this would be really useful. The only problem is, you would need to know how is using Twitter at the conference so you can check what they are doing. Actually, there is another problem… for this to be useful at conferences (especially big ones like ALA), you would need unlimited text messages on your phone or it could get expensive. I guess that is why I haven’t used it yet. I have a lame phone plan when it comes to anything but talking. I plan on getting a new phone soon, so maybe I’ll get a better plan for SMS at that time.

The other reason why I decided to really give Twitter a try is based on a short discussion on LISnews about Twitter and a recent video posting on what Twitter is about on Commoncraft. I don’t think either convinced me Twitter is useful or interesting for me, but I guess it did make me think it is worth giving it a try before discounting it.