Aral Sea

Tonight I went out to a brew pub that had free wireless because someone was coming to look at my house that is for sale. It was trivia night and one of the questions was what is the biggest non-Great Lake fresh water lake. My first guess was Lake Victoria in Africa. I was correct (and in fact my iBook and I were actually was called on to confirm this). I mention this because I became interested in one of the lakes on the list of largest lakes on Wikipedia: the Aral Sea. What caught my attention was that the size of lake shrunk to 25% of its original surface area in the last 40 years. I read the article on Wikipedia about the Aral Sea and it appears that dams constructed for irrigation was the cause for this and apparently the northern part of the lake is starting to make a come back. It is an interesting read ans shows what can happen if politicians try to solve one problem without looking at what the other consequences can be.