Update on OCLC WorldCat policy

While I still have a number of concerns about the new OCLC Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records, I wanted to acknowledge that a couple of my concerns have been addressed by OCLC.

First, I was concerned about the 996 link to the policy being required and that the link was just to the current policy. OCLC has made this requirement now optional (or more accurately, encouraged). Also, they have announced that they will change the information in the 996 so that it includes the version of the policy. This way if the policy changes, it will be possible to know under what version of the policy records were acquired.

Secondly, I was very concerned that Third Party according to the polciy included any individual. This would make it almost impossible to share records to faculty in students for use in personal citation managers and other Web 2.0 tools. This was an oversight by OCLC and they have announced that they will remove the “unintentional inclusion of the parenthetical ‘(including an individual)’ in section A.8.”