College Football Top 10 for November 9, 2008

Iowa foiled Penn State’s bid for an undefeated season this past week, so we have lost another team from he ranks of the unbeaten with only 5 teams left. With their loss, Penn State falls outside of my top 10. Also falling outside of my top 10 is Oklahoma State who lost to a team I had ranked #1 for the second time this season. Texas Tech really did look impressive beating Oklahoma State so they hold on to my #1 spot. Replacing Penn State and Oklahoma State in my top 10 are Southern Cal and BYU. Southern Cal was pretty much a no-brainer at this point as there are few teams with 1 loss. While the PAC-10 is not as strong as I am sure they would like this year, Southern Cal did schedule a couple of games against good out of conference teams which should be rewarded. I was tempted to put a two loss team in front of BYU, but I thought since their own loss was against a really skilled TCU, I’d let them back into the top ten over Missouri, Georgia, and Oklahoma State. However, if BYU comes close to slipping up, I may drop them out soon, even without another loss as besides the previously mentioned two loss teams, there are a couple of quailty two loss teams in the ACC and a few more in the Big East.

1. Texas Tech (10-0)
2. Alabama (10-0)
3. Utah (10-0)
4. Boise State (9-0)
5. Ball State (9-0)
6. Texas (9-1)
7. Oklahoma (9-1)
8. Florida (8-1)
9. Southern Cal (8-1)
10. BYU (9-1)