OCLC WorldCat Record Policy makes it to Inside Higher Ed and Slashdot

The OCLC Worldcat record policy change has made it to Inside Higher Ed and Slashdot. The Inside Higher Ed article, Maelstrom Over Metadata, doesn’t offer a lot of new information for those that have been following the “Maelstrom.” However it does give a somewhat neutral, if overly brief, overview of the situation. It also have some interesting quotes from Anne R. Kenney, the Carl A. Kroch University Librarian at Cornell University, defending OCLC and from Terry Reese, the Gray Chair for Innovative Library Services at Oregon State University Library, who has been critical of the new policy.

The Slashdot post about OCLC predictability received a bunch of off-topic and uninformed comments. I did read through them all last night (and just checked for new ones) and didn’t really find anything new or all that insightful. However, I did get a laugh out of a comment from “Anonymous Coward” who said:

Librarians are a dangerous bunch. If you try to mess with information, they will mess with you. You think geeks overuse the mantra “information wants to be free”? Librarians live it. Oh sure they seem mild-mannered, but just try and put limits on the information they possess and see what happens. Or better yet don’t, because if you’re lucky what will happen is you’ll be dead. If you’re not lucky, you’ll live through it.

to which, galactic-ac responded:

As another librarian I can confirm that we would start with a lengthy meeting, but that would be followed by prolific blogging and tweeting at other librarians. And /that/ would be followed by much mutual congratulatory back-patting for being soooo 2.0.