Final Top 10 of the 2008 College Football Regular Season

Utah has finished the regular season on top of my polls on the strength of a undefeated season. They are followed by Boise State. Dropping out of my top ten is the previously undefeated Ball State who lost to Buffalo. I had both Oklahoma jump Texas. Although I would have ranked Texas higher than Oklahoma, the agreed upon method of deciding the team to go to the Big 12 championship, picked Texas, and Oklahoma took care of business in Missouri. Alabama dropped to 6th after losing to Florida who moved up to 5th. Reluctantly, with Ball State dropping outof the top 10, I picked Big 11 champion Penn State to round out the top 10.

1. Utah (12-0)
2. Boise State (12-0)
3. Oklahoma (12-1)
4. Texas (11-1)
5. Florida (12-1)
6. Alabama (12-1)
7. Southern Cal (11-1)
8. Texas Tech (11-1)
9. Cincinnati (11-2)
10. Penn State (11-1)

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  1. Julian said,

    December 9, 2008 at 00:12:17

    Utah wins a (mythical) national championship! As far as I’m concerned, until the NCAA runs its own FBS championship, your rankings, my rankings, anybody’s rankings… all equally valid in determining a “national champion” for FBS football.