OCLC Review Board of Shared Data Creation & Stewardship recommends to “Formally withdraw the proposed [WorldCat] policy”

The OCLC Review Board of Shared Data Creation & Stewardship has posted the presentation slides and a recording from their update to Members Council on May 18. I haven’t been able to connect to their streaming server, but the PDF shows, that among other things, they have recommended to “Formally withdraw the proposed policy” on WorldCat record use.

This is great news for those who were very concerned about the proposed policy and the process that was originally used to try to put it in place. They do say that a policy is needed but stress that it should not be this policy, They have also said that the Nov. 16, 1987 “Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLC-Derived Records” should be kept in place until a new policy is created. They have further recommendations about the direction of this that I believe are well reason and well thought out. Key among them is the recommended direction of:

Devise a process for drafting and maintaining a new policy that:
• Includes formal participation by members of the Global Council, the OCLC Board, and the OCLC Strategic Leadership Team
• Incorporates input from the broader community
• Recognizes the complexity of the information ecosystem in which OCLC and its members operate
• Is transparent

and that the new policy should:

• Be based on clearly articulated principles
• Impart confidence to members and partners building strategies predicated on WorldCat
• Support innovation

I am extremely happy that the Review Board has come to these conclusions and I hope that OCLC decides to follow them and creates a fair policy using a transparent process that does indeed support innovation. Three cheers to Jennifer Younger and the rest of the review board members!

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