2009 College Football Top 10

Someone asked if I was going to do my College Football top 10 again this year The answer is yes, but I am not going to start it until the end of next weekend. My rule is to start the pole after the first weekend of play in October. While I am not going to start my poll yet, I am going to take a shot at the coaches poll. If the coaches can’t take their poll seriously it should be ended. Two examples: How do they vote Houston (#15 in the Coaches Poll), who beat 2 of the top 4 teams in the Big 12 on the road, below Oklahoma State (#12 in the Coaches Poll) who they beat by 10 in Boone Pickens Stadium? Even worse, how is an undefeated Iowa (#17 in the Coaches Poll) four spots below Penn State who they pretty much dominated except for the first couple of drives in Happy Valley. Not to mention, Iowa also have a nice win against Arizona, and who has Penn State beat? Temple. Wow, that’s impressive – NOT. The coaches should be ashamed of themselves.