College Football Top 10

Here is my first top ten of the year. For a little background about the most important things I take into account, most important is win-loss record. If you lose, you drop. That simple. Second thing I look at is out of conference schedules. If you schedule cupcakes like Charleston Southern and Troy (no offense to those two schools), don’t expect a lot of love from me. Go on the road and play someone half-way decent in their own house. Don’t give me excuses about a tough in-conference schedule. Unless your conference has a rule where the bottom teams fall out and you invite other schools in every year, I don’t want to hear it. Sure, I’ll take overall strength of schedule into account, but I think out of conference is more important – because that is something you can control. And of course, head to-head match-ups. Also, don’t tell me what you are going to do. Let’s see it on the field. I’m not a computer, so there is no magic formula and gut feeling are involved. Anyway, without further ado here is my top ten:

1. Alabama (5-0) (yea, wins over FIU and North Texas isn’t impressive, but Va Tech is)
2. LSU (5-0) (a cup-cake against Louisiana-Lafayette, but a good win over Washington on the road)
3. TCU (4-0) (Two quality wins on the road at ACC schools)
4. Cincinnati (5-0) (A nice road win against Oregon State – does Florida even know where Oregon is?)
5. Boise State (5-0) (A nice win against Oregon)
6. South Florida (5-0) (A nice win on the road at Florida State without their first string QB)
7. Texas (4-0) (Schedule not impressive but at least they went on the road to play Wyoming)
8. Iowa (5-0) (A nice in-conference road win in Happy Valley)
9. Auburn (5-0) (A nice win against West Virginia, but not much else to speak of)
10. Florida (4-0) (King of the cupcakes!)