College Football Top 10

This week’s top ten shows a little bit of movement since LSU lost at home, finally given Florida a respectable win. Too bad they still haven’t gotten a decent win out of conference, otherwise they would have moved up higher. Moved Iowa and Florida above Texas based on Texas still not playing anyone tough and Colorado keeping it close early. Along with LSU, Auburn drops out of the top 10 after getting run over by the Razorbacks. Undefeated Kansas and one-lose Virginia Tech take their places in the top 10.

1) Alabama 6-0 (prev: 1) (Nice win in conference on the road at Ole Miss)
2) TCU 5-0 (prev: 2) (A close win against Air Force, but still ranked #2 based on out of conference road wins)
3) Cincinnati 5-0 (prev: 4) (An out of conference win against Miami (OH) isn’t too impressive, but at least it was on the road.)
4) Boise State 5-0 (prev: 5) (An unimpressive win against UC Davis but still ranked high based on win against PAC-10 leading Oregon)
5) South Florida 5-0 (prev: 6) (USF isn’t get much respect from national pollsters despite a great road win against Florida State/ More evidence of pollsters big name bias. Will have to see which Big East team falls from the undefeated next week as USF takes on Cincy)
6) Iowa 6-0 (prev: 8 ) (Nice in-conference win against Michigan. Will they stay undefeated until Ohio State plays a visit on 11/14?)
7) Florida 5-0 (prev: 10) (Despite win over previous #2 LSU, I still need to see more, like maybe a win on the road out of conference, out of state to someone decent?)
8 ) Texas 5-0 (prev: 7) (Texas finally gets a tough game next week in the Red River Shootout, which might give them a chance top climb back up a couple spots).
9) Kansas 5-0 (prev: unranked) (Kansas hasn’t played anyone to speak of, but they remain undefeated)
10) Virgina Tech 5-1 (prev: unranked) (Only loss on the road at my #1, Alabama. Also beat a good, out of conference Nebraska team and in-conference Miami (FL) team at home)