College Football Top 10

This week TCU and Cincinnati leap-frog an Alabama team that barely beat Tennessee who isn’t very good. Alabama needed a blocked field goal to hold on for the win. SEC fans will say this proves they are a tough conference. I point to Tennessee losing to a UCLA team that is 0-4 in the PAC-10. The SEC is over-rated this year. That is why most of the SEC teams are scared of playing tough out of conference games on the road.

1) TCU (7-0) (prev: 2) Nice win on the road this week against BYU and still the most impressive out of conference wins of the undefeated.

2) Cincinnati 7-0 (prev: 3) How can some of these polls put Cincy behind Southern Cal when they are undefeated and easily beat Oregon State on the road while Southern Cal only beat them by 6 at home? The pollsters should be ashamed of themselves!

3) Alabama 8-0 (prev: 1) (Drops down after barely beating a Tennessee team that isn’t very good).

4) Boise State 7-0 (prev: 4) (Still ranked high based on win against PAC-10 leading Oregon)

5) Texas 7-0 (prev: 6 ) (Blew out Missouri which may have been impressive a few weeks ago, but it looks like Missouri has mailed it in. Still, they jump Iowa which barely bit Michigan State).

6) Iowa 8-0 (prev: 5 ) (Tough game against Michigan State but they got the win to stay undefeated)

7) Florida 7-0 (prev: 7) (Florida got a few “questionable” calls for a second week in a row to help them win. Should the SEC officiating being investigated?)

8 ) Oregon 6-1 (prev: 8 ) (Top ranked one lose team with only loss on the road at #4 Boise State. Big game coming up against Southern Cal)

9) Southern California 6-1 (prev: 9) (Their one loss was a bad showing but give the Trojans some credit for playing and beating Ohio State and Notre Dame on the road out of conference).

10) Georgia Tech 7-1 (prev: 10) (Only loss on the road to Miami (FL) – it was a tough choice for this spot between the two and the Big East’s West Virginia Mountaineers)