College Football Top 10

1) TCU (8-0) (prev: 1) Easily beat an UNLV team that isn’t very good, but still stays on top. In two weeks they play Utah and we will see how good they really are.

2) Cincinnati 8-0 (prev: 2) At least the pollsters put Cincy ahead of Southern Cal this week. I here people stay the pollsters have an East Coast bias, but really they have a big name bias.

3) Boise State 8-0 (prev: 4) There comfortable win over PAC-10 leading Oregon looks even more impresive after Oregon’s blow out of Southern Cal. This moves them up ahead of Alabama.

4) Texas 7-0 (prev: 6 ) A blow out win on the road at Oklahoma State moves the Longhorns up one spot.

5) Alabama 8-0 (prev: 3) Drops down despite an off week because their one good win (Va Tech) isn’t looking so good no more after Va Tech drops to 5-3.

6) Florida 8-0 (prev: 7) Georgia isn’t as good as they benn, but still a nice victory at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party combined with Iowa’s lack luster first half moves the Gators up one spot in my pole.

7) Iowa 9-0 (prev: 6)They may have been lackluster against Indiana in the first half, but they were on fire in the 4th quarter. If they play like that the rest of the season they may actually make it to the BCS title game. However, I have my doubts.

8 ) Oregon 7-1 (prev: 8 ) (Top ranked one lose team with only loss on the road at #4 Boise State and a quality win over Southern Cal)

9) Georgia Tech 7-1 (prev: 10) Moves up one place after Southern Cal losses to Oregon.

10) LSU 7-1 (prev: unranked) LSU moved into the top 10 following Southern Cal’s loss. LSU’s only loss so far came against Florida. We’ll see how good LSU is this coming weekend when they play on the road at Alabama.