College Football Top 10

Somehow my November 9 version of the top 10 didn’t make it. I remember preparing it but I guess I never submitted it. Oh well. Sorry about that. Anyway, here is my November 16’th version of the College Football Top 10.

1) TCU (10-0) (prev: 1) Impressive win this weekend against Utah who has only one other loss this season

2) Cincinnati 10-0 (prev: 2) Beat a tough West Virginia team in conference.

3) Boise State 8-0 (prev: 3) Oregon’s loss to Stanford makes Boise’s biggest win not look as good, but still who did Texas, Florida, or Alabama beat out of conference that was better?

4) Texas 10-0 (prev: 4 ) Recent wins over Baylor and UCF aren’t great, but UCF proved they could step up and win a big game this past week against Houston.

5) Alabama 10-0 (prev: 5) Chattanooga Mocs? In November? What is a Moc? Way to show confidence that your team can beat a tough out of confernce team. Come on, step it up in the scheduling department SEC.

6) Florida 10-0 (prev: 6) At least one team in Florida isn’t afraid to schedule tough out of conference games. No, it isn’t Florida. It’s Florida International who earlier this season opened up against Alabama. Since then they won 3 games. Come on Florida. Aren’t you supposed to be good. Why don’t you prove it? Maybe because you’re not?

7) Georgia Tech 10-1 (prev: 9) Only lose by the Rambling Wreck this year was against Miami (FL).

8 ) Pittsburgh 7-1 (prev: 8 ) Only lose this year was against out-of-conference for North Carolina State. Nice out of conference win this past weekend against Notre Dame that is probably sending ND coach, Charlie Weiss packing.

9) Oregon 8-2 (prev 7) Only Loses to #3 Boise and what is turning out to be a really nice Stanford team.

10) Ohio State 9-2 (prev: unranked) Although Ohio State’s loss to Southern Cal is not looking so good now that Southern Cal is 5th in the Pac-10, I’ll still give them some credit for at least scheduling one tough out of conference game.