College Football Top 10 – End of Regular Season

The BCS bowl match-ups have just been announced tonight and it looks like the real championship game will be the Fiesta Bowl. TCU will be playing Boise State. That is correct, the BCS powers are so scared that their precious cash cow big-money conference teams will be beaten by the teams from non-BCS conferences again that they figured out a way to continue to duck them – have the two non-BCS teams play each other. On the field the small guys have proven they are better. Who did Texas or Alabama beat out of conference that was better than Oregon? That’s right. No one. Did they have the guts to go on the row to ACC runner-up Clemson and beat them in their own house. Of course not.

I’ll have one more top 10 after the bowl games. I can’t imagine that the winner of the Fiesta Bowl won’t be #1, but we will wait and see.

1) TCU 12-0 (prev: 1) Finished the season last week so they got to stay home and watch the gams on TV this week.

2) Boise State 13-0 (prev: 3) Blew out New Mexico State last week. Only undefeated team to beat another team that received a BCS bid, that being the PAC-10 champion Oregon.

3) Cincinnati 12-0 (prev: 2) Tough game against Pitt, but they pulled it out. Still they drop in my top-10 one spot.

4) Alabama 13-0 (prev: 5) Alabama blew out over-rated Florida in the SEC championship game. Because Texas almost lost, I moved them up one spot. Also factoring into the decisions was at least Alabama did schedule Virginia Tech this year. Yes, the Hookies aren’t up to typical standards, but they were expected to be in the top 10.

5) Texas 13-0 (prev: 4 ) If the Big 12 Championship game was 59:59 instead of 60 minutes, they wouldn’t have won the championship. Despite that I was hoping Nebraska would win just so the BCS was forced to consider one of the non-BCS conference schools for the championship, the replay was correct and there was one second left on the clock.

6) Oregon 9-2 (prev 7) Oregon beat Oregon State in the Civil War and jumps over Florida into 6’th in my pole.

7) Florida 12-1 (prev: 6) Florida showed why they duck teams like TCU and Boise State. They just aren’t the team the pollsters wanted us to believe they are this year as evident by their blow-out lost to Alabama.

8 ) Georgia Tech 11-2 (prev: 9) Georgia Tech moves up one spot by beating Clemson in the ACC championship game.

9 ) Ohio State 10-2 (prev: 8) Ohio State didn’t play this week but will be in the Rose Bowl.

10) Iowa 10-2 (prev: 10) Iowa finishes the pre-bowl game season as the last person in my top 10. Penn State fans might not like it, but Penn State lost and Penn State, even more than Florida who at least plays Florida State, is kig of the cupcakes out of conference.

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  1. Setay said,

    December 6, 2009 at 22:12:44

    This is ridiculous. I think fans of both TCU and Boise State should boycott the Fiesta Bowl and have them play in an empty stadium. 1) that would get the nations attention 2) the idiots at the Fiesta Bowl will lose money. Who wouldn’t have wanted a TCU vs Florida or a BSU vs Iowa? It’s insulting, so we should insult them back. The BCS only understands money. Boycott the Cop-Out Bowl!