Form to e-mail with attachments

For a new section of the Binghamton University Libraries Web site, I need to create a Web form that would e-mail attachments to a specific account. At first I thought this would be as easy as Googling “web form email attachments.” Apparently I was wrong. Most of he posts I found either talked about problems people had, or were just small snippets of code. Most of the actually code I found was rather outdated. I didn’t want snippets because I didn’t want to write my own script. I can, but I figured if I can get a more complete, tested, solution I’d be better off. I did see some scripts one could purchase, but I wasn’t interesting in paying for anything.

However, all was not lost, after lots of searching, I finally came across PHPMailer-FE, “a form-2-email application with very powerful capabilities.” PHPMailer-FE is licensed under the LGPL and was last updated on 2009-12-08. It took a little while to figure out how to configure it for my needs, and I still have a thing or two to clear up, but I’m happy with it so far. If you are looking for a php based Web to e-mail form, check it out.