College Football Top 10

Opps… I forgot to publish a top 10 last week. Sorry about that. I had one ready to o but wanted to check on a few things and never got it into the blog. There were a number of upsets in the “Top 25” this weekend. The only one I was really surprised about was South Carolina losing. I sort of thought Ohio State might loose as they didn’t play anyone like Wisconsin yet and they were on the road. At least that will solve the potential of two Big 10(11) teams going through the whole season and not playing each other (what a mess that would be). FWIW: The previous is where I had them two weeks ago since I didn’t publish last week,

  1. Boise State (6-0; Prev 1). Virginia Tech’ is rolling through the early part of their ACC schedule, so I still think that was a good win despite some questions about VaTech after their loss to James Madison loss. Although Oregon State lost in Overtime to Washington last not go to 3-3, I still think they are a good team. Losses to Boise, TCU, and Washington won’t get you in the top 10, but they are nothing to be ashamed of.
  2. Oregon (6-0; Prev 3). Oregon has scored at least 42 points in every game and has a great second half defense. Although Tennessee isn’t the Tennessee that Peyton Manning played for, credit for playing them on the road is due and a nice win against Arizona have them in my top 2
  3. Oklahoma (6-0; Prev 4). Texas shows that they were better than advertised this week by beating Nebraska, thus making Oklahoma’s win against the Longhorns a bit more impressive.
  4. TCU (7-0; Prev 9). Texas Christian has out of conference wins against Pac-10 and Big-12 teams. And while SMU isn’t a top 10 (or even 20) caliber team, they aren’t chopped liver so that is another good out of conference win. I’m looking forward to the Utah-TCU game later this season.
  5. Utah (6-0; Prev Unranked). Utah’s opening win against Pitt might not be as impressive as it looked at the time with Pitt only being 3-3, but still the get credit for scheduling. That combined with rolling over the rest of their schedules moves Utah into my top 10. BTW: Wow, has BYU dropped down this year.
  6. Missouri (6-0; Prev Unranked). Missouri keeps rolling through the early part of the schedule, which included a Big 10 foe (Illinois) and some out of conference schools that are not impressive. At least when they played McNeese State I was in the second week of the season.
  7. Auburn (7-0; Prev unranked). Only tough out of conference game was an overtime win at home against Clemson, but they put up 65 this week against Arkansas. I thought the SEC was supposed to have good defense?
  8. LSU (7-0; Prev 5). If you pay McNeese State out of conference mid-season and they hang tough with you for a while, you drop. Esp. since my #6 beat the same common opponent by 44. They would have dropped further, but I still giver them credit for scheduling West Virginia.
  9. Michigan State (7-0; Prev Unranked). Only good out of conference win was against Notre Dame, but they have looked good in the Big 10(11) conference schedule thus far.
  10. Oklahoma State (6-0); Prev Unranked). The Cowboys are going to start facing much tough competition starting next week when Nebraska comes to town.