College Football Top 10

Here is my top 10 going into today’s action; again without comment….

Here is my top ten following the action from the week ending on November 7. Boise is still my number one although I was very tempted to put TCU on top after their impressive victory at Utah. I did move TCU up one, however. A lot of shakeup in the bottom half this week with some highly ranked teams losing this week. BTW: Don’t tell me that the SEC plays such a tough schedule. Chattanooga, out of conference in the middle of the season? LSU-Monroe? Really?

  1. Boise State (8-0; Prev 1)
  2. TCU (10-0; Prev 3)
  3. Oregon (9-0; Prev 2)
  4. Auburn (10-0; Prev 5)
  5. Stanford (8-1; Prev Unranked)
  6. Nebraska (8-1; Prev 10)
  7. Wisconsin (8-1; Prev 6)
  8. Michigan State (9-1; Prev Unranked)
  9. LSU (8-1; Prev Unranked)
  10. Oklahoma State (8-1; Prev Unranked)