University of Florida MARC Records avilable as CC0

Eric Lease Morgan and Peter E. Murray brought my attention to a new MARC record licensing method for MARC records implemented by the University of Florida. In short, the University of Florida is making their original MARC records available under the Creative Commons CC0 license which basically is a “tool for freeing your own work of copyright restrictions around the world. You may use this tool even if your work is free of copyright in some jurisdictions, if you want to want to ensure it is free everywhere.” As Peter points out, this follows the University of Michigan which has made there records available using CC0 as well.

This is an interesting development. Peter Murry ponders if this is “redundant since some think that MARC records, as a recitation of facts, cannot be copyrighted anyways?” I am not sure what other countries copyright laws are, and while I believe the copyright-able-ness of MARC records in the US is dubious at best, even if it is redundant around the globe, it is good to make it clear.

University of Michigan makes there records available for download. At this point, I think the University of Florida only marks them in the catalog. It would be nice to see a downloadable version of Florida’s records as well but I applaud this move with or without a nice zip file.

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  1. jonathan rochkind said,

    March 21, 2011 at 21:03:16

    It is not redundant, it’s being clear. CC0, alone among all current CC licenses, applies fine to things that weren’t in fact copyrightable in the first place, it’s basically just saying “In case this was copyrightable, I’m releasing the copyright.”