Major College athletic conference reallignment

With Syracuse and Pitt most likely headed to the ACC and the Big 12 falling apart, I think a few more teams will leave the Big East. I don’t think any of them will go to the ACC though, or they would be going with Syracuse & Pitt. I predict Rutgers will be one of the teams that leaves and they will go to the Big 10. Possibly with UCONN and 2 Big 12 teams (Missouri? Kansas? Iowa State?) to make the Big 10 have 16 teams.

West Virginia will end up in the SEC with Texas A&M and maybe another Big 12 team (Missouri?)

I think Kansas and K-State may both end up in the ACC with Syracuse and Pitt — assuming Kansas doesn’t end up in the Big 10. K-State will probably not go to the ACC unless they are brought in with Kansas. Texas is also a possibility if the ACC lets them keep their Longhorn Network.

Texas, Texas Tech, OK, OK-State all to the PAC-16.

The Big East will pick up the best teams left and will still be in good shape. Big 12 will be history.

Still don’t see Notre Dame joining a conference in football. BYU would fit in the PAC-12, but the PAC-12 won’t take them because of the religious affiliation.

I don’t see anyone from the ACC, PAC-12, SEC, or Big 10 swapping conference – although if Florida State or someone else from the ACC jumps to the SEC I wouldn’t be shocked. Likewise, Maryland to the Big10 wouldn’t total shock me but it will cost each of those teams $20m to bail out so I doubt it will happen. But really, who knows.

The real moral of this story is the Big 12 really messed up by not adding teams when Colorado and Nebraska left. Sticking with 10 left them ripe for picking.