On Tuesday, March 11 I presented along with Heather Lea Moulaison at NERCOMP 2008 in Providence, Rhode Island. NERCOMP is the North East Regional COmputing Program. The conference is one of the regional EDUCASE conferences. For the library-folk who read this that don’t know about EDUCAUSE, it is a “nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.” They have a rather large annual conference in the Fall and a series of regional conferences.

I never been to an EDUCAUSE conference or one of the regional ones before, so this was a new experience for m. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as far as the attendees. For the most part is was people who manage IT at colleges and not the hard-core programmer geek types. Many of the people were from smaller colleges and it was interesting to here about the issues they face. Everyone was really nice and the conference was well orginzied. While there was not a large number of librarians, I think it was a good conference for systems librarians and others in the library world that deal with technology to attend.

Our presentation was about Libraries as Web 2.0 Portals to Learning and I’m happy to report despite it not being at a library conference that is well attended (Standing room only!) and that we recieved a number of very positive comments. I really enjoyed my time at NERCOMP and plan on attending it or one of the other regional conferences in the future. I may even try to get to the national conference at some point.

To Tweet or not to tweet

I signed up for a Twitter account a while back, and until today made exactly one entry into it (I made two today). I guess I’m not sure how Twitter would be useful for me. There are a couple of reasons why I decided to log into my account today and start trying to use it in order to determine if it will be useful. The first is that during the recent Code4Lib conference a few people where using it to see if they could meet up with other people. I think this would be really useful. The only problem is, you would need to know how is using Twitter at the conference so you can check what they are doing. Actually, there is another problem… for this to be useful at conferences (especially big ones like ALA), you would need unlimited text messages on your phone or it could get expensive. I guess that is why I haven’t used it yet. I have a lame phone plan when it comes to anything but talking. I plan on getting a new phone soon, so maybe I’ll get a better plan for SMS at that time.

The other reason why I decided to really give Twitter a try is based on a short discussion on LISnews about Twitter and a recent video posting on what Twitter is about on Commoncraft. I don’t think either convinced me Twitter is useful or interesting for me, but I guess it did make me think it is worth giving it a try before discounting it.

Collaborative and social tagging networks

The article I co-authored with other participants of a panel that I was on during ASIS&T 2007 has been published in Ariadne magazine. I worked on other parts of the article as well, but my main part was the study of tagging in the Code4Lib community. Here is the citation:

Tonkin, E., Corrado, E. M., Moulaison, H. L., Kipp, M. E. I., Resmini, A., Pfeiffer, H. D., & Zhang, Q. (2008). Collaborative and social tagging networks. Ariadne (54). Available at

Happy reading!

VALE-OLS panel notes

On January 10’th, I was a last minute addition to a VALE-OLS panel. I was originally going to be out of the state during the conference, but due to a change in plans, I decided to attend the conference at the last minute. The organizers decided to have people blog about the VALE conference, and one of the bloggers wrote a nice summary about the VALE-OLS panel. You may also be interested in the notes of the Brainstorming the Next Generation Academic Library System (make sure to follow the links in the post).

NYTSL Presentation

On Friday, November 9 I went to the Princeton Club in New York City to present at the New York Technical Services Librarians (NYTSL) Fall Dinner Program. After a couple of drinks and dinner, I gave my talk on “Libraries and the Free and Open Source Software Movements.” I am not sure what the actual head count was, but I think there was about 80 people in attendance. With 80 or so people there to hear me speak (there was no other presentations), I was really hoping it would go well. As it so happens, I think it went extremely well and the feedback I received from people after my talk and at the pub where we continued the discussion of Free/Open Source Software in libraries, I am pretty sure that at least most of the people enjoyed my talk. All-in-all it was a great time and the people there were great. I am happy to have been able to present to NYTSL and hope to be able to attend future NYTSL programs. I placed the “extended version” of my slides on my Web site at TCNJ. I had limited time to talk, so I had to cut out a number of screen shots and slides from my original slides (I tend to create as much content will come out of my brain, and then cut it back when I am preparing presentations or papers).

October presentations posted

All of the slides from the presentations I made in October are now available at:

  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, October 30). Top 10 (or so) WebVoyage Hacks. Presented at the 2007 ExLibris Mid-Atlantic (EMA) Conference. Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ.
  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, October 23). Social Tagging: Community Tagging or Personal Tagging in Communities?. In panel: Corrado, Edward M., Kipp, Margaret , Zhang, Qiping, Moulaison, Heather Lea, Tonkin, Emma, and Pfeiffer, Heather D. Tagging and social networks: The impact of communities on user centered tagging (SIG TAG, SIG KM and SIG CR). Panel presented at the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T 2007) Annual Conference. Hyatt Regency, Milwaukee.
  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, October 19). The Library is Now…OPEN! The Rudi Weiss Memorial Lecture at New York Library Association Annual Conference. Buffalo Convention Center, Buffalo, NY.
  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, October 6). http://library2.0. Presented at 2007 LITA National Forum. Marriott City Center, Denver.
  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, October 6). Letting the Cat 0ut of the Box?. Presented at 2007 LITA National Forum. Marriott City Center, Denver.

Top 10 (or so) WebVoyage hacks

Nicole Engard made a nice post that provided an overview to the topics I talked about my recent presentation at the ExLibris Mid-Atlantic (EMA) conference on Tuesday. I’d like to thank her for spreading the word, and also for the kind words made by some of the people who commented. I have posted the slides at:

Presentations posted

I just posted slides from my presentations in Dakar ad Brno, along with the slides for an upcoming presentation in Dakar on my work Web site. The citations are as follows:

  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, October 6). http://library2.0. Presented at 2007 LITA National Forum, Marriott City Center, Denver.
  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, September 4). Top 10 (or so) WebVoyage Hacks. Presented at the 2nd International Group of ex Libris Users (IGeLU) Conference. Best Western Premier International Hotel, Brno, Czech Republic.
  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, August 16). An Open Source, Open Access Journal Database Appliance: A Proposal. Presented at Managing technologies and library automated systems in developing countries: open source VS commercial options (an International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) pre-conference and satellite meeting). Goethe Institute Dakar, Dakar, Senegal.

These and many of my other presentations can be found at:

Recently cited ecorrado

I have found out that my Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship article “The Importance of Open Access, Open Source, and Open Standards for Libraries” and the presentation “Comparison of Selected Open Source Software Library Management Systems” I did at Internet Librarian in 2004 have both recently been cited in two different articles. One was an article by Michell K. Campbell called “Libraries and open source: A natural alliance” that appeared in the May 2007 issue of Footnotes , 36(4) (the official newsletter of the New Members Round Table (NMRT) of the American Library Association). Unfortunately this article does not appear to be available online.

The other article appeared in the 2007 annual volume of Library Philosophy and Practice. This article was titled “Standing Up for Open Source” and was co-authored by Lee David Jaffe and Greg Careaga.

One interesting thing about the conference citations is that they both cited the Internet Librarian conference presentation on Rider University Libraries’ Web site even though I’m now at TCNJ and the slides and chart are also available on my professional website there.

Open Source Software and Libraries slides posted

The PDF versions of the slides that went along with my two recent presentations on open source software in libraries are now available at The citations are as follows:

  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, April 28). Open Movements and Libraries. Presented at the 2007 Endeavor Users Group (EndUser) Meeting. Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center, Schuamburg, IL.
  • Corrado, Edward M. (2007, April 25). Models for Open Source Integrated Library Systems. Presented at the 2007 NJLA Conference: Protecting Privacy and Freedom in Your Library.” Ocean Place Conference Center, Long Branch, NJ.

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