College Football Top 10

Somehow my November 9 version of the top 10 didn’t make it. I remember preparing it but I guess I never submitted it. Oh well. Sorry about that. Anyway, here is my November 16’th version of the College Football Top 10.

1) TCU (10-0) (prev: 1) Impressive win this weekend against Utah who has only one other loss this season

2) Cincinnati 10-0 (prev: 2) Beat a tough West Virginia team in conference.

3) Boise State 8-0 (prev: 3) Oregon’s loss to Stanford makes Boise’s biggest win not look as good, but still who did Texas, Florida, or Alabama beat out of conference that was better?

4) Texas 10-0 (prev: 4 ) Recent wins over Baylor and UCF aren’t great, but UCF proved they could step up and win a big game this past week against Houston.

5) Alabama 10-0 (prev: 5) Chattanooga Mocs? In November? What is a Moc? Way to show confidence that your team can beat a tough out of confernce team. Come on, step it up in the scheduling department SEC.

6) Florida 10-0 (prev: 6) At least one team in Florida isn’t afraid to schedule tough out of conference games. No, it isn’t Florida. It’s Florida International who earlier this season opened up against Alabama. Since then they won 3 games. Come on Florida. Aren’t you supposed to be good. Why don’t you prove it? Maybe because you’re not?

7) Georgia Tech 10-1 (prev: 9) Only lose by the Rambling Wreck this year was against Miami (FL).

8 ) Pittsburgh 7-1 (prev: 8 ) Only lose this year was against out-of-conference for North Carolina State. Nice out of conference win this past weekend against Notre Dame that is probably sending ND coach, Charlie Weiss packing.

9) Oregon 8-2 (prev 7) Only Loses to #3 Boise and what is turning out to be a really nice Stanford team.

10) Ohio State 9-2 (prev: unranked) Although Ohio State’s loss to Southern Cal is not looking so good now that Southern Cal is 5th in the Pac-10, I’ll still give them some credit for at least scheduling one tough out of conference game.

College Football Top 10

1) TCU (8-0) (prev: 1) Easily beat an UNLV team that isn’t very good, but still stays on top. In two weeks they play Utah and we will see how good they really are.

2) Cincinnati 8-0 (prev: 2) At least the pollsters put Cincy ahead of Southern Cal this week. I here people stay the pollsters have an East Coast bias, but really they have a big name bias.

3) Boise State 8-0 (prev: 4) There comfortable win over PAC-10 leading Oregon looks even more impresive after Oregon’s blow out of Southern Cal. This moves them up ahead of Alabama.

4) Texas 7-0 (prev: 6 ) A blow out win on the road at Oklahoma State moves the Longhorns up one spot.

5) Alabama 8-0 (prev: 3) Drops down despite an off week because their one good win (Va Tech) isn’t looking so good no more after Va Tech drops to 5-3.

6) Florida 8-0 (prev: 7) Georgia isn’t as good as they benn, but still a nice victory at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party combined with Iowa’s lack luster first half moves the Gators up one spot in my pole.

7) Iowa 9-0 (prev: 6)They may have been lackluster against Indiana in the first half, but they were on fire in the 4th quarter. If they play like that the rest of the season they may actually make it to the BCS title game. However, I have my doubts.

8 ) Oregon 7-1 (prev: 8 ) (Top ranked one lose team with only loss on the road at #4 Boise State and a quality win over Southern Cal)

9) Georgia Tech 7-1 (prev: 10) Moves up one place after Southern Cal losses to Oregon.

10) LSU 7-1 (prev: unranked) LSU moved into the top 10 following Southern Cal’s loss. LSU’s only loss so far came against Florida. We’ll see how good LSU is this coming weekend when they play on the road at Alabama.

College Football Top 10

This week TCU and Cincinnati leap-frog an Alabama team that barely beat Tennessee who isn’t very good. Alabama needed a blocked field goal to hold on for the win. SEC fans will say this proves they are a tough conference. I point to Tennessee losing to a UCLA team that is 0-4 in the PAC-10. The SEC is over-rated this year. That is why most of the SEC teams are scared of playing tough out of conference games on the road.

1) TCU (7-0) (prev: 2) Nice win on the road this week against BYU and still the most impressive out of conference wins of the undefeated.

2) Cincinnati 7-0 (prev: 3) How can some of these polls put Cincy behind Southern Cal when they are undefeated and easily beat Oregon State on the road while Southern Cal only beat them by 6 at home? The pollsters should be ashamed of themselves!

3) Alabama 8-0 (prev: 1) (Drops down after barely beating a Tennessee team that isn’t very good).

4) Boise State 7-0 (prev: 4) (Still ranked high based on win against PAC-10 leading Oregon)

5) Texas 7-0 (prev: 6 ) (Blew out Missouri which may have been impressive a few weeks ago, but it looks like Missouri has mailed it in. Still, they jump Iowa which barely bit Michigan State).

6) Iowa 8-0 (prev: 5 ) (Tough game against Michigan State but they got the win to stay undefeated)

7) Florida 7-0 (prev: 7) (Florida got a few “questionable” calls for a second week in a row to help them win. Should the SEC officiating being investigated?)

8 ) Oregon 6-1 (prev: 8 ) (Top ranked one lose team with only loss on the road at #4 Boise State. Big game coming up against Southern Cal)

9) Southern California 6-1 (prev: 9) (Their one loss was a bad showing but give the Trojans some credit for playing and beating Ohio State and Notre Dame on the road out of conference).

10) Georgia Tech 7-1 (prev: 10) (Only loss on the road to Miami (FL) – it was a tough choice for this spot between the two and the Big East’s West Virginia Mountaineers)

College Football Top 10

This weeks top 10. Currently the BCS agees with me about #1 anyway. Teams that lost and fell out of my top 10 include Virginia Tech, South Florida, and Kansas. New to the top ten are one lose teams Oregon, Southern Cal, and Georgia Tech.

1) Alabama 7-0 (prev: 1) (Nice win in conference against South Carolina)
2) TCU 6-0 (prev: 2) (A dominate wn against Colorado state along with the previous out of conference road wins keep TCU in the #2 position)
3) Cincinnati 6-0 (prev: 3) (A nice win against previously unbeaten South Florida)
4) Boise State 6-0 (prev: 5) (An unimpressive win against Tulsa mid-week but still ranked high based on win against PAC-10 leading Oregon)
5) Iowa 7-0 (prev: 5 ) (Nice in-conference win at Wisconsin)
6) Texas 6-0 (prev: 8 ) (Texas triumphed in the Red River Shootout this past week to jump back above Florida).
7) Florida 5-0 (prev: 7) (Florida got a few “questionable” calls to barely defeat Arkansas)
8 ) Oregon 5-1 (prev: unranked) (Top ranked one lose team with only loss on the road at #4 Boise State)
9) Southern California 5-1 (prev: unranked) (Their one loss was a bad showing but give the Trogans some credit for playing and beating Ohio State and Notre Dame on the road out of conference).
10) Georgia Tech 6-1 (prev: unranked) (Only loss on the road to Miami (FL) – it was a tough choice for this spot between the two and the Big East’s West Virginia Mountaineers)

College Football Top 10

This week’s top ten shows a little bit of movement since LSU lost at home, finally given Florida a respectable win. Too bad they still haven’t gotten a decent win out of conference, otherwise they would have moved up higher. Moved Iowa and Florida above Texas based on Texas still not playing anyone tough and Colorado keeping it close early. Along with LSU, Auburn drops out of the top 10 after getting run over by the Razorbacks. Undefeated Kansas and one-lose Virginia Tech take their places in the top 10.

1) Alabama 6-0 (prev: 1) (Nice win in conference on the road at Ole Miss)
2) TCU 5-0 (prev: 2) (A close win against Air Force, but still ranked #2 based on out of conference road wins)
3) Cincinnati 5-0 (prev: 4) (An out of conference win against Miami (OH) isn’t too impressive, but at least it was on the road.)
4) Boise State 5-0 (prev: 5) (An unimpressive win against UC Davis but still ranked high based on win against PAC-10 leading Oregon)
5) South Florida 5-0 (prev: 6) (USF isn’t get much respect from national pollsters despite a great road win against Florida State/ More evidence of pollsters big name bias. Will have to see which Big East team falls from the undefeated next week as USF takes on Cincy)
6) Iowa 6-0 (prev: 8 ) (Nice in-conference win against Michigan. Will they stay undefeated until Ohio State plays a visit on 11/14?)
7) Florida 5-0 (prev: 10) (Despite win over previous #2 LSU, I still need to see more, like maybe a win on the road out of conference, out of state to someone decent?)
8 ) Texas 5-0 (prev: 7) (Texas finally gets a tough game next week in the Red River Shootout, which might give them a chance top climb back up a couple spots).
9) Kansas 5-0 (prev: unranked) (Kansas hasn’t played anyone to speak of, but they remain undefeated)
10) Virgina Tech 5-1 (prev: unranked) (Only loss on the road at my #1, Alabama. Also beat a good, out of conference Nebraska team and in-conference Miami (FL) team at home)

College Football Top 10

Here is my first top ten of the year. For a little background about the most important things I take into account, most important is win-loss record. If you lose, you drop. That simple. Second thing I look at is out of conference schedules. If you schedule cupcakes like Charleston Southern and Troy (no offense to those two schools), don’t expect a lot of love from me. Go on the road and play someone half-way decent in their own house. Don’t give me excuses about a tough in-conference schedule. Unless your conference has a rule where the bottom teams fall out and you invite other schools in every year, I don’t want to hear it. Sure, I’ll take overall strength of schedule into account, but I think out of conference is more important – because that is something you can control. And of course, head to-head match-ups. Also, don’t tell me what you are going to do. Let’s see it on the field. I’m not a computer, so there is no magic formula and gut feeling are involved. Anyway, without further ado here is my top ten:

1. Alabama (5-0) (yea, wins over FIU and North Texas isn’t impressive, but Va Tech is)
2. LSU (5-0) (a cup-cake against Louisiana-Lafayette, but a good win over Washington on the road)
3. TCU (4-0) (Two quality wins on the road at ACC schools)
4. Cincinnati (5-0) (A nice road win against Oregon State – does Florida even know where Oregon is?)
5. Boise State (5-0) (A nice win against Oregon)
6. South Florida (5-0) (A nice win on the road at Florida State without their first string QB)
7. Texas (4-0) (Schedule not impressive but at least they went on the road to play Wyoming)
8. Iowa (5-0) (A nice in-conference road win in Happy Valley)
9. Auburn (5-0) (A nice win against West Virginia, but not much else to speak of)
10. Florida (4-0) (King of the cupcakes!)

2009 College Football Top 10

Someone asked if I was going to do my College Football top 10 again this year The answer is yes, but I am not going to start it until the end of next weekend. My rule is to start the pole after the first weekend of play in October. While I am not going to start my poll yet, I am going to take a shot at the coaches poll. If the coaches can’t take their poll seriously it should be ended. Two examples: How do they vote Houston (#15 in the Coaches Poll), who beat 2 of the top 4 teams in the Big 12 on the road, below Oklahoma State (#12 in the Coaches Poll) who they beat by 10 in Boone Pickens Stadium? Even worse, how is an undefeated Iowa (#17 in the Coaches Poll) four spots below Penn State who they pretty much dominated except for the first couple of drives in Happy Valley. Not to mention, Iowa also have a nice win against Arizona, and who has Penn State beat? Temple. Wow, that’s impressive – NOT. The coaches should be ashamed of themselves.

Final Top 10 of the 2008 College Football Regular Season

Utah has finished the regular season on top of my polls on the strength of a undefeated season. They are followed by Boise State. Dropping out of my top ten is the previously undefeated Ball State who lost to Buffalo. I had both Oklahoma jump Texas. Although I would have ranked Texas higher than Oklahoma, the agreed upon method of deciding the team to go to the Big 12 championship, picked Texas, and Oklahoma took care of business in Missouri. Alabama dropped to 6th after losing to Florida who moved up to 5th. Reluctantly, with Ball State dropping outof the top 10, I picked Big 11 champion Penn State to round out the top 10.

1. Utah (12-0)
2. Boise State (12-0)
3. Oklahoma (12-1)
4. Texas (11-1)
5. Florida (12-1)
6. Alabama (12-1)
7. Southern Cal (11-1)
8. Texas Tech (11-1)
9. Cincinnati (11-2)
10. Penn State (11-1)

College Football Top 10 After November 22

With Texas Tech losing big to Oklahoma, there is a shake up in my top 10. With three high quality one-loss teams out of the Big 12 South, the biggest difficult for me was picking which order to put them in. Head-to-head doesn’t work because they all beat each other. I was looking at home v. away which would favor Texas (winning on a neutral field and losing on the road), but that is not really telling. I know a lot of national pole voters like the what-have-you-done-lately meth0d which would favor Oklahoma however I look at the whole season. I tried to decide based on who looked best, but that didn’t get me far. However, in the end I decided to eliminate Texas Tech from the #1 spot in the Big 12 South based on their lopsided loss. This left me taking Texas or Oklahoma for the #1 spot. For this I went head-to-head and put Texas in the higher spot of the three.

The other change was Utah knocking BYU out of the top 10. While it was a tough choice between Cincinnati, Georgia, Missouri, and Penn State, I decided to go with the Tigers of Missouri to replace BYU.

1. Alabama (11-0)
2. Utah (12-0)
3. Boise State (11-0)
4. Ball State (11-0)
5. Texas (10-1)
6. Oklahoma (10-1)
7. Florida (10-1)
8. Texas Tech (10-1)
9. Southern Cal (9-1)
10. Missouri (9-2)

College Football Top 10 After November 15

I’ve been away at  a conference so I am a little slow about getting my college football top 10 after the November 15 games. No changes this week as no one in the top 10 lost this past week.

1. Texas Tech (10-0)
2. Alabama (11-0)
3. Utah (11-0)
4. Boise State (10-0)
5. Ball State (10-0)
6. Texas (10-1)
7. Oklahoma (9-1)
8. Florida (9-1)
9. Southern Cal (9-1)
10. BYU (10-1)

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