College Football Top 10 for November 9, 2008

Iowa foiled Penn State’s bid for an undefeated season this past week, so we have lost another team from he ranks of the unbeaten with only 5 teams left. With their loss, Penn State falls outside of my top 10. Also falling outside of my top 10 is Oklahoma State who lost to a team I had ranked #1 for the second time this season. Texas Tech really did look impressive beating Oklahoma State so they hold on to my #1 spot. Replacing Penn State and Oklahoma State in my top 10 are Southern Cal and BYU. Southern Cal was pretty much a no-brainer at this point as there are few teams with 1 loss. While the PAC-10 is not as strong as I am sure they would like this year, Southern Cal did schedule a couple of games against good out of conference teams which should be rewarded. I was tempted to put a two loss team in front of BYU, but I thought since their own loss was against a really skilled TCU, I’d let them back into the top ten over Missouri, Georgia, and Oklahoma State. However, if BYU comes close to slipping up, I may drop them out soon, even without another loss as besides the previously mentioned two loss teams, there are a couple of quailty two loss teams in the ACC and a few more in the Big East.

1. Texas Tech (10-0)
2. Alabama (10-0)
3. Utah (10-0)
4. Boise State (9-0)
5. Ball State (9-0)
6. Texas (9-1)
7. Oklahoma (9-1)
8. Florida (8-1)
9. Southern Cal (8-1)
10. BYU (9-1)

College Football Top Ten for November 3, 2008

After Texas Tech’s exciting last second win over Texas, they jump to #1 in my standings. Falling out of the top 10 after a close loss to Arkansas is previously undefeated Tulsa. Tulsa’s loss allows for another one loss team to crack my top 10. Also dropping out of my top ten was Georgia after suffering a blow-out lose to Florida. While choosing two teams to crack the top 10 from USC, Florida, Oklahoma, and TCU was tough, I went with Oklahoma and Florida because I think they have had some more impressive wins. BTW: Whomever voted in the AP poll and the USA Today pole for a team with a lose over the likes of Texas Tech, Alabama and the other undefeateds should be kicked off the pole.

1. Texas Tech (9-0)
2. Alabama (9-0)
3. Utah (9-0)
4. Boise State (8-0)
5. Ball State (8-0)
6. Penn State (9-0)
7. Texas (8-1)
8. Oklahoma State (8-1)
9. Oklahoma (8-1)
10. Florida (7-1)

College Football Top 10 after October 25

Here is my College Football Top 10 after the weekend of October 25. There is a minor shakeup after Oklahoma State lost to top ranked Texas at Texas. I really had a tough time deciding if they should be the one of the two lose teams in my top 10. Basically I had three teams going for two spots. The teams were Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Georgia (with a little consideration given to Florida). I really wanted to give some love to Georgia after they beat LSU at LSU, but it was hard to punish the two Oklahoma schools with one lose (Tulsa with no loses was a no-brainer to stay in the top 10). As it turns out, I decided to drop Oklahoma and let give the number 10 slot to Georgia on the strength of their win. I had State over Oklahoma because they played Texas to a closer game on the road while Oklahoma lost to the Longhorns on a neutral field. The other change I made was having Texas Tech leapfrog Utah. But fans of the Utes shouldn’t fear as either Texas or Texas Tech will lose next week since the play each other so if they take care of business, they’ll move back into the top 3.

1. Texas (8-0)
2. Alabama (8-0)
3. Texas Tech (8-0)
4. Utah (8-0)
5. Boise State (7-0)
6. Ball State (8-0)
7. Tulsa (7-0)
8. Penn State (9-0)
9. Oklahoma State (6-1)
10. Georgia (7-1)

College Football Top 10 after October 11

Here are my top ten rankings after the games on October 11, A lot of previously undefeated teams that I had in my top 10 last week lost, so we have quite a shake up.

1. Texas (5-0)
2. Alabama (6-0)
3. Brigham Young (6-0)
4. Utah (7-0)
5. Texas Tech (6-0)
6. Oklahoma State (6-0)
7. Boise State (5-0)
8. Ball State (7-0)
9. Tulsa (6-0)
10. Penn State (7-0)

College Football Top 10

I’ve been thinking about releasing my college football top ten for a few years. This year, I am going to do it. Look for my top ten every week fr the rest of the season. I decided to wait until now because I think you need to give the teams a few weeks to see where the are. Now that October games are next on the schedule, it is time. I should mention while I believe in strength of schedule, I also believe in winning. Thus, if you keep winning, you’ll get my vote. However, if you play lousy teams, you will till be towards the bottom of the teams that are winning, so schedule does matter. Also, I will give the benefit of the doubt for teams from the mid-majors. As East Carolina showed, they can beat the big conferences and it is clear that most of¬† “the big conference teams” won’t go on the road to play them. That is the big conference teams fault as much, i not more so than the fault of the mid-majors, so they should be penalized for playing cupcakes instead of good mid-major schools. True, not all big conference teams are like this, but I’m not going to reward the ones that won’t go on the road to play the Boise States, BYUs, and Fresno States. Anyway, enough rambling, here is my first weekly top ten.

1. Oklahoma (4-0)
2. LSU (4-0)
3. Alabama (5-0)
4. Texas (4-0)
5. Brigham Young (4-0)
6. South Florida (5-0)
7. Missouri  (4-0)
8. Utah (5-0)
9. Texas Tech (4-0)
10. Vanderbilt (4-0)

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